What to do if you were affected by the Marriott data breach

How the hotel chain is trying to protect guests information

If you have stayed at a Marriott or Starwood property anytime in the last four years, your personal information could have been compromised. The Florida Office of Financial Regulation issued an alert warning consumers to closely watch their accounts.

This impacts around 500 million people and some banks are already taking steps to combat this. Some have informed customers they will issuing new credit cards to replace old ones that could have been compromised.

This started back in 2014 and the information that hackers may have includes your name, address, passport number, date of birth and your travel information. This kind of information could be used to steal your identity and open bank accounts, credit cards or loans in your name.

Since so many people are likely at risk with that information in the wrong hands, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation suggests doing the following:

  • Change your passwords on all your accounts regularly.
  • Check your credit report.
  • Request fraud alerts on your accounts and your credit report.

Marriott has also established a dedicated call center to answer questions and it's offering free WebWatcher enrollment for one year. That monitors internet sites where personal information is shared and alerts consumers if their personal information is found. To find out more about WebWatcher and the other ways Marriott is trying to help protect guests, click here.