Increase in reported Social Security scam calls


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Fraud experts with AARP are warning Social Security recipients about a scam call that appears to be getting more common.

According to an article in USA Today, crooks are increasingly pretending to be an official from the Social Security Administration, making calls similar to the familiar IRS scam call.

USA Today says the AARP Fraud Watch Network has more complaints to its helpline in the past few months from consumers who were targeted by Social Security imposters than the ongoing IRS scam.

In some cases, the scammer tells the consumer to put hundreds of dollars on gift cards in return for a new Medicare card, which is actually free. They also suggest the consumer will lost their benefits and demand personal information.

Clues to look for in the Social Security scam, according to USA Today, include:

  • A call from 800-772-1213. It's an actual number for the Social Security Administration, but it could still be a scam call.
  • If you're asked for information to ensure you get a bigger monthly check, it's a fraud call.
  • Social Security officials will not call and threaten to take away your benefits.
  • Some crooks say their computers are down and need some information.

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