Nike unveils self-lacing basketball shoe

The Adapt BBs will start at $350 a pair

Bending over to tie your shoes is in the past. Nike's new self-lacing shoe is the future of footwear. 

The company unveiled the Adapt BB on Tuesday. 

Through the Nike Adapt app, users will be able to adjust the lacing, pressure and fit of the shoe. You can also set a preset for your customized fit. 

Another feature, the wearer will be able to change the color of a set of lights on the side of the shoe. 
The shoes operate on a rechargable battery. Charging your Adapt BBs is as easy as resting them on the wireless charging mat. 

If your battery dies, no worries. The shoes will still unlace without power, ensuring you are never stuck inside of the shoe. 

A pair of the smart shoes start at $350 and go on sale February 17.