Survey: Credit score may be a deal breaker for potential mates

More than 3/4 of people find credit card debt to be unattractive

New year, new start. This is the time of year when people sign up for dating websites, hoping not to spend time alone. 

As it turns out, your credit score may be more important than expected. 

According to a survey released by Finder.com, more than 77 percent of people consider credit card debt unattractive. 

On average, people say $110,000 in debt is enough of a red flag to walk away from a relationship. 

Americans carry $1.4 trillion in student debt. Student loans are also off-putting to prospective dates. 

The study found that millennials are the least tolerant of student loans. Over 80 percent consider it unacceptable in a partner, followed by credit card debt and payday loans. 

Generation X appears to be the most tolerant generation when it comes to debt of any form.