Company rolls out world's first airless bicycle tire

Airless, 3D tire from BigRep is idea that's anything but flat

Photo provided by BigRep.
Photo provided by BigRep.

Who says you can’t reinvent the wheel? Or at the very least, create a variation of one that could change bicycles forever?

A company called BigRep has come up with what it says is the world’s first 3D-printed airless bicycle tire.

On, product designer Marco Mattia Cristofori said the air was replaced by customizing the pattern of the tire into a three-layered honeycomb design.

The design can be altered for different types of biking, such as mountain biking and road racing, and for different conditions such as weather and speed.

The advantages to these tires are obvious. 

People can have a sense of security knowing that they can go on long bike rides without their tires going flat, and they also don't have to worry about pumping air constantly in them.

So, for all those avid bikers out there, is this something you would consider buying or riding? 

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