Wells Fargo customers report trouble finding direct deposits

The complaints come a day after the bank reported a significant outage

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Having trouble access your Wells Fargo bank account or seeing if your direct deposit was delivered on time? It appears you’re not alone.

The issues come a day after the bank reported a significant outage. Customers spoke up on social media Friday, saying mobile banking either was unavailable or their paychecks had yet to show up.

Wells Fargo first acknowledged the technical difficulties Thursday in a series of messages posted on the bank’s Twitter account, saying it experienced a system issue due to a power shutdown at one of its facilities after smoke was detected following routine maintenance. By Thursday evening, the bank said most issues appeared to be resolved.

Some customers reported to News4Jax they were still dealing with problems on Friday.

Wells Fargo customer Jared Phannell was surprised when he didn’t see his direct deposit in his bank account Friday morning

"I didn't get paid today and I was, kind of, shocked because, like, 'Where is my money?'" Phannell said. "I tried to get onto my account and I logged in and it didn't really go through. It kept saying web error."

He added, "(It's) very frustrating. I've never seen this at all."

The consensus was their direct deposits were in their accounts, but that information wasn’t reflected online.

“I thought I was (missing my direct deposit) but I called the bank and its (sic) in there just not showing up on the mobile banking,” one user said.

Another user added: “Got mine earlier but still can’t access the website.”

Other customers said they weren’t at all impacted by the issues.

“My direct deposit is in my account. I didn’t have any problems,” a third user said.

It’s unclear whether Friday’s issues are related to Thursday’s difficulties, which Wells Fargo said arose from a power outage reported at one of its facilities.

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