Dog food recall expanded to 30-plus products over vitamin D levels

Consuming too much vitamin D can potentially cause life-threatening conditions


Hill’s Pet Nutrition is expanding its ongoing recall of certain canned dog food products over concerns they may contain elevated levels of vitamin D, which can carry life-threatening consequences.

The Kansas-based company announced the expansion of its Jan. 31 recall Wednesday in a letter to pet stores and veterinarians, as well as a notice posted on the Food & Drug Administration’s website.

According to the notice, Hill's learned that the issue is linked to a vitamin premix used in canned dog foods, so no dry foods were affected. But a review found there were additional products impacted.

LIST: See if your dog food is among those affected

LETTER: Hill's letter to pet stores & veterinary clinics

Though vitamin D is a vital nutrient for dogs, consuming too much can lead to health issue ranging from vomiting to weight loss. It can also cause potentially life-threatening conditions, such as kidney failure.

Hill’s said it has received a “limited number of complaints of pet illness related to some of these products,” but noted that in most cases, dogs should recover once they’ve stopped eating the food.

In its letter, the company also pledged to pay for medical testing customers’ pets require and to reimburse them for any medical treatment they’ve sought as a result of consuming the products.

If you’ve purchased one of the recalled products, you should stop feeding it to your pets immediately. Questions and concerns can be directed to 1-800-445-5777 or ContactUs@HillsPet.com.

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