Jacksonville Beach Police Department's phone number spoofed

Caller claims to be bail bondsman, police warn

(File photo)

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – The Jacksonville Beach Police Department on Tuesday warned that the agency's nonemergency phone number is being spoofed.

Police said they have received numerous calls from people across the country who responded to missed calls for the Police Department's nonemergency number, which is 904-270-1661, but were not actually from the agency. 

Those who have answered the spoofed call said the caller claimed to be a bail bondsman and that $10,000 was needed for their son's or grandson's bail, according to police.

As of Tuesday, no Jacksonville Beach residents had reportedly been contacted.

If anyone gets a call from 904-270-1661 and the person on the other end claims to be a bail bondsman, just hang up, police said.