California shop offers most expensive cup of coffee in the world

Each cup costs $75


SAN FRANCISCO – Would you pay $75 for a cup of joe?

It's said to be the most expensive cup of coffee in the world, and you can only find it in San Francisco. Klatch Coffee is offering the Elida Natural Geisha 803.

The coffee costs $803 a pound wholesale. After roasting, it's closer to $1,200 a pound.

A hundred pounds of the Elida Geisha was auctioned off to buyers all over the world. Klatch Coffee owns the only 10 pounds in the U.S.

"That's 80 cups in the entire United States," said co-owner Bo Thiara.

Tasters said the drink was very smooth with a good taste and packed a punch. But the shop warned against adding cream or sugar to the drink. "It would be a waste of $75," said Thiara.