Misfiring piece of workstation could shoot out and hurt you

Malfunctioning gas cylinder prompts recall of 76,000 sit-stand desks


Now there's a good reason to call in sick to work: Your desk might attack you.

An adjustable workstation made by Knape & Vogt is being recalled because a gas cylinder can malfunction and shoot out, potentially causing injury.

The company has had two reports of the cylinders firing out of the workstation. One of those damaged drywall in an office when it shot out and hit a wall. (No word on whether the desk makers are covering the redecorating costs.)

About 76,000 of the workstations were sold nationwide, including online at eBay, Amazon.com, Staples.com and other office supply websites. They cost between $350 and $560.

The desks, which come in black or white, were sold under the brand names: Adas Elevo Sit-to-Stand Desktop, K&A Manufacturing Helium Surface, 3M Precision Standing Desk, Inscape Rockit, Neutral Posture Ergonomics StandUp X1, Workrite Ergonomics Solace Desktop, Volante and IMOVR Ziplift. 

If you have a workstation from one of those brands, check the inside of the right-hand top surface bracket to figure out of your desk is affected by the malfunction. You should see a lot number.

Affected lot numbers contain the last three letters “VOL." 

The affected lot numbers include:

  • 16-######-VOL
  • 17-######-VOL
  • 18-######-VOL
  • 19-######-VOL

If your desk is one of the ones affected, back away quickly (it might explode after all) and call Knape & Vogt at 888-667-1501 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday to arrange a free in-home or in-office repair.

Of course, if you take a few days off in the meantime for your own safety, who would blame you?

For more information on the recall, go to www.kv.com and click on the recall link at the bottom of the page.

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