Facebook plans to diversify workforce demographics

New efforts after publishing the 2018 Diversity Report

Facebook is looking to make some important hires based on new diversity metrics released Wednesday.

Similarly to other technology companies, Facebook's workforce is comprised of primarily white male employees.

Based on the latest demographic data from 2018, the company plans to double the percentage of women on staff across the board and double black and Hispanic employees in the U.S.

Women made up 36% of all Facebook workers, according to the annual diversity report​.​ That's up from 31% in 2014. At the senior leadership level, women make up 32% of the workforce.

Facebook's percentage of black and Hispanic employees overall remained in the single digits at 4% and 5% respectively, up a percentage each from previous years.

Hispanic leadership roles have, however, dropped from 4% to 3%, according to the report.

As Facebook continues efforts to balance out demographics throughout the company, the numbers reflected an improvement from previous years.

The company's plans include maintaining the diverse slate approach​ implemented in 2015 to find qualified and underrepresented applicants during the hiring process.

Facebook also announced plans to expand training opportunities for female recruits, Hispanic recruits and people of color through programs like Crush Your Coding Interview, the Facebook University Training Program and Engineer in Residence​.