Don't lose sight of your health with spooky Halloween contact lenses

FTC warns that selling lenses without prescriptions is illegal & dangerous

With Halloween just days away, it’s only a matter of time before your colleagues start showing up to work wearing makeup, wigs and, depending on the costume, some stunning contact lenses.

It’s no secret that cosmetic contact lenses can really make your eyes pop for the holiday, especially if they enhance your spooky getup -- like a pair of lifeless, white lenses if you’re going as a zombie.

But what you might not know is that these lenses, like any other contacts, require a prescription.

And that’s not just to make sure sellers are obeying the law. It’s also because wearing contact lenses that don’t fit or aren’t approved by your eye doctor could lead to serious injury.

That’s why the Federal Trade Commission is spreading the word about the Contact Lens Rule, which means your doctor must provide a copy of your prescription free of charge so you can shop safely.

According to the FTC, you should keep your prescription handy after every eye exam. Then when you’ve found the cosmetic contact lenses you want, just send the seller a copy of your prescription.

Don't lose sight of what could happen if you wear lenses that aren't prescribed. Potential complications include allergic reactions, swollen eyes, blurred vision, infection -- and, worst of all, blindness.

Find someone who’s selling these licenses without checking prescriptions? The FTC recommends you let federal regulators know by filing a complaint with the agency.

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