7 Foods to buy if you're short on cash

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With millions of Americans living below the federal poverty level, buying groceries is a challenge. So, what do you do when you are struggling to make ends meet? There are a list of foods that one website said you should be buying if you are, for lack of a better word, broke.

According to www.moneytalks.com, one of the seven foods on the list of the most filling, nutritious and cheapest you can buy are carrots. These run about $2 for a bunch, they're an excellent source of vitamin A and a good source of vitamin K and fiber.

Also high in vitamins plus fiber and potassium, sweet potatoes. These are about $1 each, can be added to almost any meal. They're also super filling.

Also great for your wallet, body and digestive system, rolled oats. They cost about $4 for a 42-ounce container, enough for about 30 servings. This can be used to make hot cereal, granola, muffins, cookies, and much more.

Beans are another great option. For about $1.50 a can, or much less when bought dry in bulk, beans and lentils are inexpensive and an excellent source of protein.

Brown rice also made the list. At about $1.75 for a 1-pound bag, brown rice has more than 15 nutrients. It's also digested slowly, meaning it fills you up.

Eggs are another one of the seven things to buy if you're broke. For about $3 for a dozen, eggs contain one of the highest quality proteins.

And finally, frozen green peas. Spend about $2 for a 16-ounce bag and you're buying a handy vegetable that's easy to cook and doesn't require chopping or slicing.

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