Banker busted for selling customers' information

Inspectors advise checking your bank statements diligently

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The moral of this story: we are all vulnerable to bank fraud and for that very reason, we need to read our bank statements diligently.  More than a dozen victims learned that lesson the hard way.

"Pure greed. He would entice these people with money," said US Postal Inspector Dave Anderchak.

He's referring to a scheme involving a bank employee turned bad.

"She had access to customers' personal information she would identify the folks who had larger account balances – above %80,000 and sell them," said Anderchak.

The bank employee would sell account information to a man who then called the bank and changed the account address to an abandoned house.

"He would then obtain the check and debit cards and cash check at area retailers for merchandise," said Anderchak.

Postal Inspectors started staking out these abandoned homes to see who was picking up the mail.

"We caught up with the suspect via surveillance tapes," explained Anderchak.

Fifteen victims lost more than $120,000.

"In a case like this with a dishonest employee, we are all vulnerable. But you can prevent this by checking your bank statement and balance," warned Anderchak.

When checking your bank statements, if you see any issues, contact your bank immediately.

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