Best jobs for women

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80% of workers claim they will set out to find a different job in 2013, but where are the best places to look? We reveal the positions most desired by women as well as the ones that could leave them feeling unsatisfied.

"From fifth grade on, I just wanted to be a doctor and help people," said Candice Coleman.

But not everyone is so sure. Forbes reports on the best jobs for women in 2013. At number one are dentists, ophthalmologists, and physicians. 60 percent of women currently in these positions say they are very satisfied and the field is expected to grow, opening up more jobs.

On the flip side, healthcare shift workers like nurses are one the unhealthiest jobs. Sleep problems, heart disease, and obesity are common in this profession.

Finally, women also like being the boss. CEO positions are highly desired, despite women making up only 25 percent of the field. The reasons are a high salary and lots of independence.

Something else women prize in their job is security. In fact, women listed job security as more important than how much money they make and opportunities to advance. So while someone may not become a millionaire in their current position, the assurance that the job will still be there tomorrow is enough for some women.

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