Cut costs when dining out

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The average American spends half their food budget on eating out! If you want to slash your cost you don't have to kick the restaurant habit, just be smarter about how you dine out.

Whether it's fast food or a romantic meal, the average American spends almost $3,000 eating out! We have the top three tips to save you money.

First, choose the right time of day. Find out when happy hour hits. Most restaurants offer buy one, get one free deals on beverages and often on food. Check out the app Savored to find out the discounts local restaurants offer.

Also, bring your own bottle. Alcohol is often marked up two to three times, but if you bring your own bottle, even paying the corkage fee can save you as much as $20 a bottle.

And you can also use social networking apps like Yelp and Foursquare to check in at a location. Both allow you to search for deals and offer discounts to those who check in.

Another good tip for your wallet and your waist line: share a main course. Let's face it, portion sizes are huge! Share a plate and you'll cut costs in half!

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