Eat less packaged foods

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Researchers have found that the synthetic chemicals used in food packaging and processing can leak into food and can lead to chronic, low-level ingestion of these substances over a lifetime. Some, like BPA, can disrupt hormone production and balance.

Cardboard, cling wrap, and plastic packagings make grabbing a meal quick and easy. How many foods do you eat each day that comes from some sort of package that could be putting you in danger?

It might be hard to eliminate them completely, but there are ways to cut down. First, buy your favorite foods in bulk, which can be stored in glass containers at home. This is a good option for buying what you need and reducing the number of products that sit in your cupboards.

Next, buy more loose produce. You can avoid plastic by picking up some natural fiber, reusable mesh bags.  They're machine washable, too.

According to the British Medical Journal and Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, a recent study shows that cutting packaged foods from your diet could reduce your blood levels of these chemicals by up to 90 percent in just three days.

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