Finding home project professionals easier with new startups brainchild of a Seattle entrepreneur who found himself in need of finding right professionals to build his new home

Matt Ehrlichman knows first hand how hard it can be to find the right people for your home improvement projects.

He was working on his first home in Seattle, Washington in search of the right professionals to do the work. It was in that need that Ehrlichman, an entrepreneur, created

"Before we we're all trying to figure out who to call and which friend might have hired a roofer before or plumber before and now you can go online and see literally who your neighbors used the most, who the neighborhood favorite is" said Ehrlichman, chief executive officer of Porch. is a home improvement network where neighbors can share project ideas and professionals.   The professionals can also post their projects.

The website is accessible by your mobile device or online, it's free for homeowners and renters to check out projects neighbors have done, how much they spent and which professionals they used.

Ehrlichman launched in Seattle last year with just 25 employees.  In just a matter of months the company has grown to 140 employees.  The site has 90 million projects from all over the country.

To date, 1.5 million professionals are on in 250 repair, maintenance and home improvement categories from painters to plumbers to roofers.

"If homeowners want to come on Porch they can actually see beautiful pictures of the remodels from down the street and what they cost and then who the professionals are who do exactly that type of work in their actual neighborhood and no one has never been able to do that before," said Ehrlichman. partnered with Lowe's Home Improvement to connect with consumers.  Signs are posted strategically in stores asking customers if they "Need a painter" or "Need an electrician," for example.  The signs direct customers to check out   Lowe's employees can also refer customers to the website.

"We can highlight not just good professionals, but ones your neighbors have actually used, time and time again, for specific types of projects," said Ehrlichman.

There is no charge for people to access is also not the only new home improvement start up website. recently launched and asks consumers to list their projects and provides a "Pre-estimate" and tries to help connect consumers with professionals.

There are also reports Amazon plans to get involved with local services, launching a marketplace that could help people find everything from baby-sitters to plumbers.

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