Gas prices expected to drop in 2014

AAA predicts prices could drop below $3 per gallon

By Scott Johnson - Reporter , Elizabeth Berry

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - There's good news this New Year about the amount of money you'll pay at the pump: AAA is expecting the price of gas to continue to drop in 2014.

Right now, drivers are paying less than they have in 3 years for a tank of gas and AAA predicts the prices will continue to drop.

Gas prices crept toward $3.00 per gallon in 2013, dropping 11 cents nationally. Now, AAA said drivers will be thrilled to see prices they haven't seen in years and that prices could even drop below $3 per gallon.

Paul Lee told Channel 4 that he drives all over the country and lower prices at the pump would be a welcomed relief.

"For me it just feels like it's real high and there's really no explanation," said Lee. "They try and say world events or things on wall street, but overall I keep saying to myself, 'OK, when are they actually gonna' lower the price where it should be?'"

Many of the drivers Channel 4 spoke with Wednesday night said they didn't believe the news, and don't think prices will actually drop.

"Give me some proof and facts," said one driver.

Industry experts said that increased oil production in the United States and in Canada should keep the prices down.

"It's pretty rough having to decide which bills to pay and not to pay just so you can have gas in your car," said Carla Hammer.

Drivers in South Carolina are most likely to see gas prices drop below $3. South Carolina had the lowest gas prices in the country during 2013, at $3.24 a gallon.

Experts also said that drivers in Hawaii aren't likely to see a break, as gas on the Islands averaged at $4.24 and is predicted to stay above $4.

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