Get the most out of Cyber Monday

Get more, pay less online

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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It may lack the excitement and fury of Black Friday, but Cyber Monday can have the same huge savings. Here are a few tips.

First off, don't rush—comparison shop. will show you where the best deals are. Be sure to seek out coupon codes.

Head to,it posts codes for most retail sites.

And bookmark, so when you're shopping online, just click on the link, and it will display all the coupons for the site that you're on.

For your safety, before shopping make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.  Scammers will use emails and phony deals to get your information, so only buy from secure websites. 

Also, come up with multiple passwords to use, so you don't have the same one at every site.

If you are shopping on a phone or tablet, you should be even more aware.  Mobile shopping has increased nearly 200 percent over the last few years.  Security on mobile sites isn't as sophisticated as it is on your computer, so being extra vigilant can protect yourself that much more.

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