Hackers target smartphones, not just computers

Experts say hackers now can get personal information from smartphones

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - According to Internet security experts, more hackers are targeting cellphones these days, not just laptops and computers.

Worms, viruses and computer hackers are now after many of your electronic devices.

There's no application or easy fix if this happens, so electronic device users should always stay up to date with their personal information and possibly limit it as much as possible on their phone.

Computer hackers are evolving just like the cellphone industry, not only targeting home computers and laptops, but wanting to get into people's pockets and purses.

They, too, are watching the unprecedented demand for iPhones and other smart devices, making the cellphone an even sweeter target for thieves.

"They're trying to get into whatever they can get into," said Alison Cruess, of the University of North Florida's IT Department. "Whatever hole they find, they'll get in. That's what they do."

Cruess said hackers are relentless. Analysts said almost everything people see on their computer will show up on their smartphone, along with some new viruses.

Just last year, more than 139 million smartphones were sold worldwide, a 13.9 percent increase from 2007.

Security analysts said they're already seeing major online threats spreading on smartphones through email attachments.

The experts warn to be sure to stay up to date with financial dealings on a phone and limit as much personal information as possible.

"I suppose that's always a possibility," smartphone user Mike Woodward said. "We have a local case where the guy hacked into the celebrities' phones."

"If there is a criminal way, the criminal element will find a way," iPhone user Holder MacDonald said.

Smartphone user Melissa Kerseysehackman added, "I think they won't stop. They'll always find some new trick."

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