How to keep your financial resolutions

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Financial New Year's resolutions are something many of us make every new year.  Unfortunately, it's also something that gets broken each year. For those of you who want to keep your financial resolution, there are a few simple tricks that can get you started on the right foot.

"We should all work until we can no longer work because that's what actually keeps us healthy," said Carolyn McClanahan with Life Planning Partners.

You might feel empowered after giving yourself a New Year's resolution to become financially stable in 2013.  But imagine how good you will feel if come 2014, you actually made it happen!

It can be tough, but financial advisor Carolyn McClanahan says it IS possible- start off with one crucial step."The most important thing people need to do is pay off their high interest credit card debt."

McClanahan says there are three other main things you can do to automatically get your finances in gear.

Make a plan - figure out how much you have and start setting aside money each month; a little goes a long way.  In case you need to retire early, start putting money in your 401K or IRA fund.

Have an emergency fund - if you have a fairly stable job, set aside three months of savings. If you have a less stable job or a lot of debt, put aside 6 months of expenses.

Always have your resume in tip top shape - "It's always important for people to keep up their skills and keep their resume updated so you can say what can I do if the economy turns sour again," McClanahan said.

McClanahan says another tip is to pay your bills as your plan states.  Each time you pay off anything, immediately assign that money to the next bill on your list. 

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