How to save thousands of dollars per year

Blogger shares secrets

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - There's a really good reason you should take money saving advice from Karen Rodriguez. It's because of how much she can save her family year to year. "One year we saved up to six thousand dollars," Rodriguez said.

Her tips come from her own experience and sacrifice. It may surprise you that the popular steps most take, like coupons, are just a small part of Karen's plan. "I only clip the ones that I know we will use." Rodriguez said. "The rest of the inserts I file away."

We asked the woman behind the blogs and website, to share her biggest secrets. For starters, when it comes to meals, she said stock up on the expensive stuff and then cut back the amount you're serving. "If you put four ounces of meat on your plate and the rest is fruit and veggies, that will help save your family money if you're not using the meats on your plates that are more expensive."

Next, Karen said cut your cable. "We have an antenna right now and the kids are watching a lot of public TV which is actually more educational than what they would get to watch on cable. So, it's more beneficial for them. If there's nothing on, they pick up a book and they read a book or we do family game night together."

Once you take the above steps, Rodriguez said it's time to prep the family for the biggest one. A month without spending, other than regular grocery shopping. This family of four tackles this every year. "Don't go out to dinner, don't do family activities that cost money," Rodriguez said. "Do free things like hikes in the parks. Buckle down with the family and commit as a family, with your kids and say we are not spending any money this month."

By cutting back these ways, the Rodriguez family was able to get out of debt in five years. For more on their cost cutting ways and upcoming classes, check out

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