In-state rivalry helps fund Florida

Florida State, Miami game helps bring millions to state

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The state of Florida will be spotlighted this weekend for one of the biggest college football games of the year -- Miami vs. Florida State. Even though only one team will win the game, the entire state will win economically.

Football fans are packing Tallahassee for one of the biggest college games of the season.

"Oh, it's huge. Miami is always a big rivalry," said FSU senior Elliot Waterbury.

Undefeated in-state rivals Florida State and Miami are meeting for more than bragging rights. A national title could be at stake this year.

The hype surrounding the game is bringing people to Florida from all over the country -- along with millions of dollars.

"We've been traveling for the last ten years with them and this is a great rivalry," said Tom Parry, a Miami fan from Scranton, Pa.

Police will be busy. This game traditionally has the highest number of ejections, and one of the highest numbers of people arrested.

"When you get that many people packed into such an emotional atmosphere, sometimes people go a little too far," said FSU Police Deputy Chief Jim Russell.

With publicity from College Gameday, FSU said they're expecting to see a spike in student applications. On top of that they're expecting $4 million in ticket sales alone.

Others say this will be a win-win for the entire state.

"Whether the game is here in Tallahassee or Miami or wherever its being hosted in Florida, it will have a impact on the bottom line of the state's economy," said Carol Dover of the Florida Restaurant Lodging Association.

With millions coming into the state economy, FSU athletic director Stan Wilcox said the whole economic impact of the game will not felt until after it ends.

"For FSU, just from an advertising, just from notoriety perspective, you can't even quantify it," said Wilcox.

Hotels have been sold out for weeks. If you're trying to get tickets to the game, you're out of luck because the game is also sold out.

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