Items you should buy in bulk

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If you aim to save when you shop, then there's a good chance that you buy in bulk. Well are you really pinching pennies when you buy a larger amount? When it comes to certain items the answer is yes!

According to, there are five things you should always buy in bulk. The site also said that warehouse clubs and stores that require annual membership fees are the best places to find the deals.

Number one on the list, toilet paper.  It doesn't go bad, you're always going to need it and you use it all the time. Just make sure you have room for it in your house.

Number two, bottled water. It's not always the greenest choice, but rather than buy individual bottles at Wal-Mart for $1.50 each, you could score a 12-pack of Propel flavored water for $6. also said that diapers are on the list of things you should always buy in bulk. Just make sure you have room to store them in your home.

Next is laundry detergent. An example of how buying this in bulk will help you save; if you buy Arm & Hammer powder in bulk, you can often find it for 40% to 50% less than at the grocery store.

Finally, paper cups and plates. These are always great to have around and if you don't use them this year, store them until you need them again.

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