It's not too early to start Christmas shopping

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Have you started your holiday shopping yet? According to a new survey, a good amount of us already have.  This is the time of year when something known as the "Christmas Creep" rears its head, trying to lure in bargain shoppers and early birds. According to a recent survey, one in four families have already started their holiday shopping.

We wanted to know if that was true here in Jacksonville and if so, what are people buying and why are they buying so early.

"Sometimes we have sales and find people that find a good bargain and save it for Christmas.  But most of the time it's husbands that wait until the last minute," says Avondale store owner Caroline Steadley,

We talked with several shoppers who say they may not have much accomplished yet, but they admit to getting the kids gifts out of the way before Black Friday so they can avoid the crowds and get the gift they're looking for.That's just one of the reasons people gave us for checking off their list during the summer.

Another reason, holiday shopping that starts now allows you to spread out your  cost without resorting to credit cards.

One more bonus, if you shop online, buying presents early helps to curb shipping costs. If you're not in a rush to get the package, you can opt for the least expensive shipping method.

If you're ready to start checking off your holiday shopping list, keep in mind this weekend is the tax free holiday here in Florida.   It's meant for back to school purchases, but if there's already a gift on your list that qualifies as tax exempt, this is a great time to check it off.

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