Local 'super-saver' shares shopping strategy

Get an entire kids wardrobe at Goodwill for $100

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - If you're counting your pennies these days, back to school is shopping is likely taking a big chunk out of your budget. But, did you know that you can get an entire wardrobe for the kids for a $100? I went shopping at a Goodwill store in Oakleaf with "super-saver" Karen Rodriquez, to get her secrets.

One of my first questions, "What's your strategy when you are inside of a thrift store?"

Rodriquez said her strategy is to make sure she has enough time to go through the racks.

"You have to go through each and every item cause you never know what golden item will be hidden in between two black shirts," she said.

Case in point:  What made it's way into the shopping cart after just ten minutes inside this Goodwill was adorable stuff that even those worried about wearing hand-me-downs will like.

Rodriquez said, "We found brand new pants from Gymboree pants with tags on them. Plus, a cute dress that's brand new with tags. The best part, dresses are only $4 here at Goodwill."

Scoring this these type of deals is how Karen was able to stock her kids closets for back to school. For two children, she spent a hundred dollars total and walked out with 43 items.

Rodriquez said, "That would cost me hundreds of dollars at the department store."

At Goodwill, shirts, shorts and skirts are $2 each. Even though shopping at thrift stores can be a time consuming, there are some tricks to the trade. Everything is color coded and Rodriquez explained just one of the ways that can work to your benefit.

"If you find a color of something you like and it fits, go through the other colors to see if they have the exact same item in the exact same size," she said.

I asked if Rodriquez finds the same item in a different color very often.

"It happens a lot to me," she answered. "In fact, I almost always find the same item but just in different colors."

Rodriquez said her best find to date was an Easter dress for her daughter. She paid $4 for the dress at a Goodwill store. It was brand new with the tags still attached. The retail price for the dress was $65.

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