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Simple steps to success

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Today there are more than 800 million Facebook users, more than 200 million people on Twitter and more than 130 million on LinkedIn.  It's safe to say social media is changing how we live. It's even changing how CEO's market their products.

Clara Shih is a CEO herself -- the woman behind Hearsay social, one of the first companies that helps businesses market themselves on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Shih's idea was to build a business application on Facebook. She was the first to do it. She wrote the bestselling book "Facebook Era." Two years ago she started a business in her apartment. Now she has more than 40 employees.

"Working for Clara, it's firing on all fronts," says Kristin Shevis, who is Shih's Director of Sales.

"She's the kind of person that when she's successful, she brings other people up with her," says Ally Russel, who is Shih's Head of Compliance.

So what are Shih's simple secrets for business success? Find a great mentor, make moves when the time is right and surround yourself with a winning team.

"We just want people to work hard and play hard," says Shih.

Fifty-four percent of Fortune Global 100 Companies already have a presence on Facebook, but Shih says one common mistake businesses make is not understanding the social media they are trying to use.

She says make sure you claim your page so you have control of your brand! Also, get local. For retail it might mean exploring check-ins by offering promotions. To acquire more fans, include a link to your social media page in your email signature, asking people to "like" it. But she adds, always tell them why they should like it.

Shih says she has only one regret. "I wish I would have started sooner!"

Additional Information:

Clara Shih wrote the book on social media marketing – and now it's used as a textbook at Harvard Business School.  "The Facebook Era" is the book for businesses wanting to increase their sales and consumer base through social networks. (SOURCE:

THE WOMAN BEHIND HEARSAY SOCIAL: Clara Shih is the CEO of Hearsay Social and is a pioneer in the social media industry as an engineer, celebrated author, and thought leader. She developed the first social business application, Faceconnector, kick-starting the social CRM movement. (SOURCE:

THE HEARSAY SOCIAL: The goal of Hearsay Social is to help big brands with local branches (i.e. Starbucks, BestBuy), manage their Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages while ensuring local representatives stay in compliance with brand guidelines, and content regulations. (SOURCE:

"THE FACEBOOK ERA": Clara's book, "The Facebook Era" is a New-York Times Best Seller. It is recommended for people who are interested in using Facebook for professional reasons or for people who have a desire for their company to have a Facebook presence, but don't know how or what to do to make that possible. YOU GO!: Clara was named one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs of 2011, one of Fast Company's Most Influential People in Technology, and one of Businessweek's Top Young Entrepreneurs of 2011. She also sits on the Starbucks Board of Directors. (SOURCE:

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