Nearly 1 million mangos recalled

Salmonella scare forcing fruit off grocery store shelves

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - One major recall could change what people put in their morning smoothie or pack for lunch.

A salmonella scare is forcing stores to pull nearly one million mangos off their shelves.

The mangos have the Daniella brand sticker with one of the following PLU numbers: 3114, 4051, 4311, 4584 or 4959.

The mangos were sold in stores across the country, including at Costco, Kroger and some Whole Foods stores.

The fruit was grown in Mexico and sold in the U.S. between July 12 and Aug. 29.

The Food and Drug Administration says those who bought the recalled fruit shouldn't eat it.

If a mango doesn't have an identifying sticker, people should consider throwing them out or returning them to the store.

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