New apps promise personal security

Channel 4's Crime & Safety Expert has some concerns

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Your smart phone can do a lot, but could it save your life?  New Apps are turning smart phones into personal security systems but Channel 4's Crime & Safety Analyst has some concerns.

The EmergenSee App is made to be simple. Just a touch of the app icon on the screen and you can transmit video, audio and a GPS signal to your friends, family and authorities. Basically, anyone that you've programmed in to the app. The website, advertises that it's helpful on college campuses, for women in all situations, after a car wreck or even for someone dealing with workplace bullying. We had Ken Jefferson, Channel 4's Crime & Safety expert look it over.

"I think it has it has good points," Jefferson said. "It could be useful if your phone has that capability."

Still, Jefferson has concerns.

"If you're being assaulted, you're probably not going to videotape the person assaulting you. You're probably going to drop your phone or lose your phone or the person is probably going to grab the phone. Those are some of the glitches that are there," he said.

EmergenSee isn't the only app of its kind on the market. Campus Shield  is being tested at The University of Florida. There are plans to have Campus Shield at other schools across the country, but Jefferson doesn't think these apps really benefit the people they are targeting.

"This is more of a benefit to seniors living on their own," Jefferson said. "I don't think young people are going to use this for the purpose intended."

Jefferson added that even though these apps can help in some ways, taking general safety precautions like being aware of your surroundings and traveling in groups, are the best protection.

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