Scam email targets postal service customers

Clicking on it can give computer a malicious virus

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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A warning for postal service customers: Con-artists pretending to be the US Postal Service are sending out emails in an attempt to get your personal and financial information.

Customers being targeted will get an email that will likely say "Delivery Failure Notification" in theĀ  subject line.

"Basically, it gives a date and says on such and such a date we attempted to deliver a package but were unable to deliver it. Please click on the link below to print up a delivery label and take it to your local post office to pick up the package," said US Postal Inspector Mike Carroll.

The link will provide information on when to expect delivery. But when the customer clicks, Carroll warned, "You're going to get a malicious virus that is going to be installed on your computer which can log keystrokes and possibly obtain personal identification information and account information."

The email is bogus.

"This is not the way the postal department will notify customers if they have a package," said Carroll.

The most important thing: Do not click on the link. Instead, forward it to and then delete the email.

"It will notify USPIS the email is circulating and we can deal with it and investigate it and it won't harm your computer," said Carroll.

A few tips for spotting bogus emails:

  • The email contains poor grammar or spelling errors.
  • The text states immdiate action must be taken or the customer will face penalties.
  • The email requests personal information under the guise of confirming information.

Also, if you have questions about a delivery by the US Postal Service, call (800) ASK USPS.

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