Scoop up online freebies

Easy ways to get free stuff starting today

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The internet is filled with coupons, free product samples and more that let you nab all kinds of great stuff without spending a penny.

So how do you find the best freebies without spending hours online, and while steering clear of potential "gotchas?"

The first step is to go to manufacturers websites. Signing up on their sites can net you multiple freebies in one visit. For example, on Procter & Gamble's site,, your free registration gets you a package with several freebies, four times a year.

Next, try social media.  A lot of companies will offer giveaways to those who simply "like" their brand on Facebook.  So, search for your favorite retailers and products.

Another option, find online-store freebies.  A great example for this is Target. Go to to see what's available. Some items are free to everyone, others require a code and in-store receipt.

A fourth way to score free stuff, work customer-reward programs. A couple of ideas, sign-up for frequent movie-goer programs and ask your bank if they have an customer loyalty freebies. For example, did you know that Bank Of America cardholders get free admission to museums once a month? Check out

Finally, check out freebie aggregators. These sites, like, and are great places to find tons of freebies.

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