Stop robo calls now

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Robo calls are a byproduct of the technological age we live in, but did you know ones to your cell phone are illegal?  Yet they still happen.  Here are two ways to avoid them altogether.

First, register with the national Do-Not-Call List.  This database of numbers is maintained by the Federal Trade Commission, and telemarketers are required by law to subscribe.  You can sign up for free at

Next is a program called Nomorobo.  It works by splitting an incoming call, allowing Nomorobo to analyze where the call is coming from and how many numbers it's recently called.  If any of these red flags are raised, the call is immediately disconnected before your phone even rings

Nomorobo was the winner of a Federal Trade Commission contest to develop the best anti-robo call idea.  The free service went live September 30th.


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