The one question to know before your job interview

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"Do you have any questions for me?"  It's the one question you are guaranteed to have to answer in an interview.  Even if you have had a successful one so far, if you reply incorrectly the employer could assume you have no real interest in the job and your candidacy is over.

There are also two interview questions that you can ask that will speak volumes.

"Ask them about their history with the company, growth, and development opportunities," said hiring manager, Libby Felchle.

This question shows you are career-minded and that you want to grow with the company.

Also, "What projects can I contribute to right away?"  When you ask this question, you let the employer know that you will find a way to help as soon as possible.  It also gives you the chance to sell yourself as someone who can help on those projects.

Many people think it's okay to ask the employer, "What happened to the person in this position before me?" But this may seem like you want gossip.

A better question: "Is this position new? If not, what did the previous employee not do that I can do to be a star in your eyes?"

Also, remember that it's never a bad time to ask questions.

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