Ways to 'wow' your boss

Show your boss how valuable you are

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With more than five million women unemployed in December, holding onto a job has become increasingly important. But there are things women can do to show their boss how valuable they are. While not everyone can have the perfect boss, you can take these simple steps to wow any employer.

First off, find out how they prefer to communicate and match their style. Do they like email, face-to-face or talking by telephone?

If the boss makes a point to talk shop in person, try to do the same. If they only want to hear important points, don't give them every single detail.

Also remember to mind generational differences when it comes to work, they could lead to misunderstandings.

"The young person quite often might come in with their iPod or iPad and want to reference that, but it looks like they're really just checking their email while they're talking to you," said Pamela Prince-Eason from the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

And don't bombard your superiors with questions you can easily find answers to. Employers want to see someone who can help carry the load, not pile onto it.

Another subtle way to make yourself stand out: body language. 55 percent of communication is purely visual. So if you don't look people in the eye or keep your hands in your pockets it could come off as being insecure or dishonest.

Also, no slouching! People will see others who stand, or sit, tall as confident and assured.

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