What are odds of winning Powerball?

Record-breaking payout has millions lining up to buy tickets

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Waking up $500 million richer is the dream running through millions of Americans' minds as the Powerball jackpot continues to rise.

The $2 tickets currently come with a record-breaking payout. But what are the odds of getting the winning numbers?

The stakes have never been higher in the history of Powerball, but that's not stopping millions of Americans from trying their odds. We're talking about a number hard for most to even comprehend -- $425 million.

"If I hit something like that I'd be ecstatic," said Powerball ticket buyer Ted Allen. "It would make everything be real."

The Powerball winning ticket would be a life changing fortune according to Allen.

"First thing I'd do is buy me a place to live," Allen said. "Don't have a home of myself. I have a lot of friends that need help."

It's Allen's first time playing Powerball, the payout just too much to pass up.

But the reality is, according to statisticians, most will likely never see a dime in return.

You have a better chance at becoming president, with the odds of that at one in 10 million.

You'd also have a better shot at becoming a movie star at one and 1.5 million.

Or, you chances of dying tragically in an on the job accident are better at one in 48,000.

And finally, becoming the victim of asteroid apocalypse is more likely than winning Powerball -- the odds of that happening are one in 12,500.

So what about your chances of winning Powerball ? One in 175 million.

"It's the one hope. It's the one small hope that you can get all your dreams taken care of in one time," Powerball ticket buyer Bill Byrd said.

Byrd says you'll never know until you try, just like a million taking a stab at becoming a millionaire.

"I'm sure of it. The lines will be around the street," Byrd said. "That their hopes and dreams and everything. Pretty much sums it up."

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