What can shred, what can't

Get ready for Channel 4's Shredder Day April 15

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - We know a lot of you will be heading to Channel 4 on  April 15 for annual Shredder Day event.  You can bring stacks of personal documents that you need to get rid of and get them shredded for free.

If you've come to Shredder Day before, you know that it can get busy.  But this year, the event is bigger and better. We are partnering with Cintas Document Management and they want to help you get in and out quickly.  So this year, we'll have more shredder trucks.

"Three trucks will definitely help this speed along so you're not waiting all day, if you have to get back to work or whatever it may be, three trucks will help you get in and out as quick as possible," explained Jonathan Tyler with Cintas.

Another thing that will help, knowing what you can bring and what you should leave at home.

"You can't bring guns, any type of metal objects, Alco fasteners are okay but three-ring binders are not acceptable. Any kind of metal objects not what we want," said James Lyle with Cintas.

While we ask you to leave the metal out, paper clips are fine, even rubber bands, tapes and CD's.  Read the list of 108 items you can shred here.

The great news is, each truck can get through about 5,000 pounds of paper per hour.

Shredder Day is Monday, April 15th from 7am-7pm here at Channel 4.  We're located at 4 Broadcast Place, Jacksonville, Florida 32207.   No businesses please. Don't forget to bring a canned food donation for Second Harvest North Florida.

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