What is your E-Score?

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor
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JACKSONVILLE, FLa. - The next time you call a company and get really bad, or really outstanding service, it could be because you have a very high score. Not your credit score, we're talking about something totally different. It's called an e-score. If you've never heard of it, you're not alone.

Jacksonville resident Michael Kovar said, "I have never heard of an e-score in my life."

Desiree Steward said almost the same thing.

"I really don't have any idea what an e-score would be," she said.  "Sounds like something you could get a score for but what, I don't even know?"

John Norfleet was in the same boat saying,  "An e-score? The only thing I can think is an electronic score but I don't know for what."

An e-score, or a buying power score, is a way to measure consumers to determine their value as a customer. If you get lots of offers for high end items, and lots of credit applications, chances are you have a high e-score.

EBureau is one of the companies that determines your score. After you're assigned a number, they sell it to banks, credit and debit card providers, insurers, online educational institutions and more.

Those companies and institutions use the scores to choose whom to woo on the Web. For example,  your score can determine whether you're pitched a platinum credit card or a plain one, a full-service cable plan or none at all.

The things that usually factor in to your e-score are your salary, occupation, value of your home, debt load, shopping history and more.

According to EBureau, around twenty million people are evaluated and scored each month. Since the scores are not used to determine if you are approved for credit, chances are you will never know what your score is. They're almost never released to the public.

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