Secure all gear down without the hassle of messy straps with WRAPTIE

Secure all of your gear down with this tie-down system. (Wraptie)

Spring is in the air and with it is the ambition to get outside and get some much-needed yard work done or enjoy the fresh air with some outdoor activities. Regardless of which activity is on your weekend to-do list, you’ll probably come across something that needs to be tied down such as yard debris or your bike if you plan on getting some miles in.

This spring, skip the annoying tie-down straps that always get tangled and grab the WRAPTIE Tie Down System Bundle, now on sale for only $31.99, to tie-down and strap in all the things. The WRAPTIE is different than other bundling straps on the market because of its durability and ease of use. Made from a high tension industrial-grade elasticized webbing and recycled PET high strength webbing these straps are lightweight but also strong enough to secure your bike to the roof of your car.

The unique fast grab end allows you to easily grab the strap and secure it to any fixed point without having it slip through your hands and since the WRAPTIE has the unique infinite adjustability feature, you don’t have to worry about hooks or buckles getting in your way.

The WRAPTIE Tie Down System Weekend Bundle comes with not just one strap but 2 straps- a 90 SPORTS Twin Pack, and a 30 SPORTS Twin Pack along with a recycled plastic grab bag that you can store your Wrapties in when they’re not in use.

If you’re ready to strap your gear down without the hassle of annoying straps that get tangled easily and are hard to use, grab the WRAPTIE Tie Down System Weekend Bundle, now on sale for 36% off the regular price of $50. That brings the cost down to only $31.99.

Prices subject to change