Bring the nail salon experience straight to your home with the BellaNails LED Nail Lamp

Get the perfect manicure at home with BellaNails LED Nail Lamp for Gel & Shellac Nail Polishes. (BellaNails)

For any busy person, especially moms out there trying to juggle work and doing their share of taking care of the household, it’s important to treat yourself! Depending on where you live, nail salons might still be closed. However, you shouldn’t have to skimp on a small treat like getting a manicure until everything is safe to open.

The BellaNails LED Nail Lamp is one unique solution for at-home manicures, now under $30!

With over 370 reviews on Amazon, the BellaNails LED Nail Lamp helps bring out the colors through fast-drying high-glossing finishing. The lamp uses efficient and safer UV 120W LED bulbs (36 of them to be exact) than the ones used at some nail salons. Two additional safety features worth noting are the four-time presets (10, 30, 60, and 99 seconds) and the auto shut-off mode.

The BellaNails LED Nail Lamp comes with a multi-dimensional reflective surface that allows for gel and shellac polishes to cure perfectly to get the same shine and pop when getting your nails done at the salon. Furthermore, the nail lamp gives users a high-gloss finish three times faster. Also, the lamp has an integrated handle to allow you to carry it just about anywhere.

Enhance your at-home manicure routine with the BellaNails LED Nail Lamp for Gel & Shellac Nail Polishes for just $26.99, 10% off the regular price for a limited time.

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