Get rid of muscle aches and pains with this percussion massager, now on sale for only $29.99

Relieve muscle soreness with this Evertone Prosage Copper Massager with three interchangeable massage heads. (Evertone)

Whether you overdid it at the gym or you went too hard doing yard work over the weekend, a sore body is something that no one looks forward to. Sometimes it might be just a little sore and some rest and relaxation for a few days are all you need. Other times it can a bigger pain that slows you way down and requires a little bit of gentle love and targeted pressure.

A home massager is great for those sore areas and the Evertone Prosage Copper Massager, now on sale for only $29.99, is a superb choice.

This percussion massager increases the blood flow to effectively relieve body soreness through a deep and powerful massage. The Evertone Prosage Copper Massager has 3 massage heads with 4 different speeds that are meant to target different parts of the body. The U-shaped head is perfect to use for the spine, neck, and shoulder. The cone head is for trigger point massage and the round head is meant to be used for whole-body massage. What makes this massager even better is that it’s quiet so you can use it without drowning out the sounds around you and it lasts for an average of 8 hours with the 2,900 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

If you’re ready to bid farewell to sore muscles and an aching body, the Evertone Prosage Copper Massager is here for you and it’s now on sale for only $29.99 Your body will thank you.

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