How to refresh your home for a total spring clean

Take these steps to ensure your home continues to be ever so humble for seasons to come. (StackCommerce)

Lately, life’s been a little dusty. We’re all just trying to shake the cobwebs off from the last few years, especially from our homes. Call a spade a spade: our houses were the first line of defense and the thing that took the biggest hit when we had to shelter in place and then social distance. At some point, the interior may have hit the point of no return. And, while there was a time where it was okay to have a home full of dust, spring has sprung and a new (hopefully less germy) day is upon us. Take these steps to ensure your home continues to be ever so humble for seasons to come (well, at least until Autumn when everyone tracks in leaves and mud; that’s a story for another day).

Wash your sheets, tablecloths, and towels

This may be a second thought for most, but the scents coming from your cottons and linens can be tamed and even alleviated. There are a couple things that would help scare the stink — not to mention dust — out of your home’s delicates. We suggest, for one, giving them a good wash on the cycle best fitted for each set. Allergens and bacteria can have negative effects on your health, so it’s also important to change your sheets and towels often! You can also purchase tools like dryer sheets, laundry beads, and laundry eggs to give you that good, clean wash you didn’t know your stuff needed.

Vacuum your dirty floors

An obvious answer to how to get your home nice and clean, but sometimes vacuuming goes undone. It’s the last and least satisfying of the chores, and, if we’re being honest, it’s also an unwelcome workout. That said, there are plenty of tricks and tools to help you get that good sweep in. For one, try vacuuming first before any of the other things you need to check off. This ensures the hardest of the cleaning tasks are done with fervor and not with end of the line energy. You can also up your vacuum game with something like the Shark DuoClean Slim Upright Vacuum, which is a worthy opponent of dust.

Give your floors a polish with an electric mop

We actually love polishing and mopping our floors. Sure, it may break your back, but the results are top notch serotonin fuel. However, doing the dirty work on your floors doesn’t always have to be draining. Your floors need you badly, and there are definite ways to show them love while still taking care of yourself. A good wax and soap are crucial to getting this done in one pass, as well as a good mop head. We suggest an all-in-one mop/polisher combo like this Elicto ES-530 Electronic Cordless Spin Mop & Polisher to make sure those nooks and crannies are covered.

Eliminate residual odors

Sure, you were able to eliminate the smell from your everyday linens, but there’s still that smell of last week’s fish fry that is lingering throughout other parts of the home. Even when you get rid of the kitchen odor stimulants like bad food and garbage, the smell never wants to die a quick death. You could get room sprays to get rid of what is clawing out of your trash cans, toilets, sinks disposals, and other hot spots for germs, but we can also suggest opening as many windows as possible for that cross breeze. Also, enlist in some heavy hitter modern fancy schmancy tools like a high-tech germ and odor eliminator.

Liven up your living space with plants

Once you’re done doing the heavy lifting, sprucing up your home with some greenery could be a wonderful opportunity to both create some clean oxygen organically and change the overall look of your home. Whether you have a green thumb or you’re just learning to take care of something that can’t talk back, you should start small and work your way up. Grab already grown plants instead of seeds to start, as well as try and get plants that have already been potted to make things easier. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try fun hobbies like growing herbs in something like a Culinary Herb Garden Kit.

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