Stay cool this summer with this portable air conditioner for only $69.99

This small, but mighty portable air conditioner cools up to 45 sq ft with one button. (StackCommerce)

Just when you think summer is starting to simmer down, the August heat always seems to creep up with a vengeance.

Whether you’re working at a desk, asleep in your bed, or watching a movie on the couch, we can all agree that comfort is key. There’s nothing worse than waking up from a deep sleep with sweats or suffering through an important call in a sweltering workspace. The evaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner will make your personal space, a happy place.

This small, but mighty portable air conditioner cools up to 45 sq ft with one button. The eco-friendly unit uses minimal electricity and can be powered with any device that can connect a USB cord to a port. Simply fill the evaChill with water and the evaporative cartridge will absorb the water without outputting any heat. Your little area will be cooler in under 10 minutes, and you’ll be able to rest or relax comfortably in a temperature-controlled environment.

The evaChill is leak-proof and has an integrated handle so you can easily take it will you anywhere you go. Its chic design will compliment any space and is so quiet you’ll forget it’s even there. Not only does this on-the-go air conditioner cool everything down, but it also doubles as a humidifier and air purifier by filtering out dust particles. You’ll breathe in cleaner, bacteria-free air while enjoying a refreshing flow of a subtle breeze.

Get cozy by choosing from 1 of the 4-speed modes, and wind down with the calming blue LED light. One customer said, “I love the small, light-weight feel of the unit. I love the fact it takes little electricity and it makes my immediate area cooler and more comfortable when I use it next to my bed at night.”-James Erickson

Beat the heat with this nifty personal air conditioner! Originally $99, now you can get the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner for only $69.99, a savings of 29%!

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