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Upgrade your kitchen with this high-quality knife set on sale today

This high-carbon Japanese steel knife set is a perfect addition to any kitchen
This high-carbon Japanese steel knife set is a perfect addition to any kitchen (Zenko)

Since you’ve been home so much recently, you may have noticed your kitchen supplies really aren’t cutting it, no pun intended. Since you use them so often, your knives should be capable of slicing and dicing anything that comes their way. If you have to put pressure on the knives to cut through your food, that’s a strong enough sign that it’s time to get a new set. Worst of all, if you can’t remember the last time you replaced or sharpened your knives, you are definitely due for a new set.

Meet the Zenko Knife Set: the beautifully designed set of kitchenware your kitchen has been dreaming of. With Zenko knives, you really can get the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and functionality. This four-piece set includes chef, santoku, utility, and paring knives to tackle anything that comes their way.

The worst and most dangerous kind of knife is a dull knife, which is not a worry here! Each knife is expertly crafted with premium high-carbon Japanese steel for long-lasting sharpness, as well as outfitted with a non-stick ceramic coating to prevent stains and rust from occurring. The knives are also incredibly sleek and minimalist, so they look chic and modern on any countertop

Zenko knives are lighter and sharper, with a reduced blade angle and an edge that holds longer for a smooth, slicing motion. The moment you feel the lightness and super comfortable handle, you’ll understand why these knives are perfect for constant use without any fatigue. Why settle for knives that don’t cut the way they should? This wonderful set of knives was successfully funded on Indiegogo and Kickstarter because they really are that good.

The Zenko Knife Set normally costs $139, but for a limited time, you can snag them for only $89.99. That’s 35% off!

Price subject to change.