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Watch Netflix in comfort with this comfortable blanket with sleeves, now only $30

This plush fleece lightweight blanket keeps your arms and feet warm.
This plush fleece lightweight blanket keeps your arms and feet warm. (The Slanket)

There’s nothing more comfortable than finding that perfect blanket for when you want to get cozy on the couch. You finally find that perfect level of warmth, but then you can’t use your phone easily, or the cat on your lap has to go without attention, or it’s impossible to eat without disturbing the structural integrity of your cozy blanket. For those times when you want to be warm but also able to do something while you’re warm, there is The Slanket® Blanket with Sleeves, and right now it’s only $29.99.

The Slanket is designed to keep your whole body perfectly warm while you get to retain the use of your arms. Large, loose sleeves will keep your arms warm while you use your phone or change the channel, and there’s even a foot pocket if you suffer from cold feet. This super plush micro-fiber fleece blanket is the softest wrap your body will find and makes a perfect gift for Random Act of Kindness Day or any other holiday!

When you’re done with the Slanket for the night, it folds into a perfect little couch cushion, great for storage or decoration you can unwrap and use in an instant. This lightweight, warm blanket is your answer to so many problems you didn’t realize could be solved. You can read a good book under the blanket and still keep your arms nice and warm. You can knit, play a game, eat dinner, or hold your partner’s hand all while staying delightfully warm in your Slanket®.

Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, and what better way is there to get through the cold in style and comfort than the Slanket®. The Slanket® is on sale now for 14% off and will only cost you $29.99. Give yourself a winter of comfort and bring home the original blanket with sleeves.

Prices subject to change