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Capture your greatest catches on film with underwater fishing cam

This underwater camera streams straight to your phone as you fish.
This underwater camera streams straight to your phone as you fish. (GoFish Cam)

Was that a wiggle or just the wind playing with your fishing pole? You’ll never have to wonder again when you slide the GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera onto your line before you cast. This handy camera gives you eyes underwater and it’s available now for $199.99.

Checking out the wildlife on camera is nothing new. Conservationists and hunters set up motion-activated cameras all the time. But fishermen have a new advantage with the GoFish Cam, helping them pinpoint in review when they actually had a keeper on the line. With a camera fit on the line right above the bait, record for later viewing while submerged or stream live on the surface using the GoFish Cam float accessory.

Connecting to a mobile app, the GoFish Cam records or streams underwater footage. Recorded footage syncs to your phone as soon as you reel in and stays recorded on an SD card. For those still getting familiar with fishing, the confirmation can help them recognize when to start reeling in and when to wait. The most epic catches get caught on film as well, which you can look back on later.

The GoFish Cam is built to take long days of serious fishing. Withstanding depths of 500′ and 1000lbs of tension, its stabilization fins keep it upright and filming for 1.5–2.5 hours. Amazon buyers have rated it 4.2/5 stars, noting the advantage it gives them upon reviewing footage for their next trip out.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, thanks to the built-in WiFi, you’ll have a steady sync of just what went on down there—even in the dark depths with the night vision option. Use safely in ice fishing, kayak fishing, float fishing, trolling, casting, and even bottom fishing.

Add a new angle to angling with the GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera. With the capability to stream and record underwater, you’ll see your favorite hobby in a new light. Get this underwater camera now for $199.99.

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