Give your car an upgrade with this solar-powered backup camera, on sale today

Never worry about bumping into another car or pole with this add-on car backup camera.
Never worry about bumping into another car or pole with this add-on car backup camera. (myGEKOgear)

If you live on a busy street or have young kids and pets, backing out of your parking space can be nerve-wracking. You can feel more confident that you’re in the clear when you install a backup camera. And if you don’t want to go about the expensive, damaging process of installing a wired camera, there are great options like myGEKOgear SOLARST: Solar-Powered True Wireless Backup Camera, which lets you install a wireless backup camera for just $129.99.

Get a full view of the space behind your vehicle thanks to your SOLARST. With on-screen guiding lines that help you navigate safely out of tight spaces, your 4.3″ dash color monitor gives you clear, real-time feedback while in reverse. Adjust the camera lens for the correct angle. You’ll get a 640x480 resolution stream with a viewing angle of 165 degrees.

The SOLARST is meant to be easy to install even for those who are not technically gifted. With no drilling or wiring required, you can install your backup camera in just a few minutes. The camera itself screws into your license plate mount like a plate bracket. Thanks to its universal shape, the SOLARST is compatible with most vehicles. Once there, sync to the monitor and adjust the angle to give you the best view below your vehicle.

This solar-powered camera makes the install even easier, since it doesn’t need a wired power source. The camera can hold a charge of up to seven hours in its 2,100mAh battery. Use the included USB cable to charge as needed. Your monitor plugs directly into a 12v or 24v slot in your vehicle and comes with an adapter to power directly from your dash.

As backup cameras become increasingly popular and even mandated in newer vehicles, adapt your vehicle for a low cost with the SOLARST. Usually $149, this solar-powered backup camera is on sale for 13% off right now. Upgrade your vehicle and your safety for $129.99 with the myGEKOgear SOLARST: Solar-Powered True Wireless Backup Camera.

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