Stay prepared for emergencies with this portable personal smartphone alarm device

Care Go Personal Alarm (via StackCommerce)

It’s important to keep your safety in mind. We’re not just talking about protecting your health — your physical safety is essential too! Thanks to the Care Go Personal Alarm, you can now head back outside and carry on with your daily routine without worry.

This Bluetooth-powered personal alarm helps keep you safe with an SOS emergency function that alerts your loved ones when you need their help. It also comes with real-time GPS tracking and a Follow Me mode that allows your family or friends to keep an eye on you when you find yourself in an unsafe place. The device is accompanied by an app that lets you add as many people as you want to protect you, and they’ll get an alert anytime you need their help, even when their phones are silent.

In the words of Techable, smartphones do have SOS functions, but you may not always have access to your phone in an emergency. This is where Care Go comes in — all you need to do is twist and pull the device, and it immediately sends a notification to your protectors. It’s suitable for almost any outdoor environment and is also very small and lightweight, so it can fit easily in your pocket.

Remember all those times when you lost your keys and wished you could ring them up? The Care Go alarm can also help with that. Just attach it to your set of keys or anything that gets misplaced often, and you’ll receive an alert when you need to find it. A one-hour charge lets you use the device for an entire year, so you’ll always be covered.

You can enjoy years of maximum protection with Care Go for $34 with promo code “ALARM16″ and stay prepared for any emergency as you head out.

Prices subject to change.