Woman finds ring in candy bag

Gold ring with gemstones in chocolate bars

MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. – A Merritt Island woman found a gold ring inside her son's Halloween candy.  Now she is searching for the rightful owner.

Jacqui Ricci told our sister station WKMG Local 6 she was shocked when she found a woman's gold ring with gemstones among her son's chocolate bars and other candy.

Ricci is now convinced the ring must have slipped off someone's finger while handing out goodies and she's on a mission to find its rightful owner.

"I wear my jewelry all the time and I would be devastated if I lost any of it," said Ricci.

Ricci has since posted the discover on Facebook, contacted the police department, searched Craigslist and displayed fliers in her neighborhood hoping to return the ring.

Ricci does not want Local 6 to show the ring's setting, hoping its owner will come forward and describe the jewelry. She said so far, four people who've lost a ring have contact her, but Ricci has yet to make a match.

"And I feel bad disappointing them," said Ricci. "They're all excited and hopeful. One woman lost an engagement ring and a wedding ring and I have to tell them, 'No I'm sorry, that doesn't match." 

Ricci said her son went trick-or-treating to about 60 homes on Halloween night in Merritt Island's Sykes Cove and Palmetto subdivisions.