Letters to Santa a thing of the past?

Kids turning to online registries for Christmas wish list


Could letters to Santa be a thing of the past?

For years kids have sat down with pen and paper and wrote a letter to Santa detailing exactly what they hoped he would bring them for Christmas. Now years later in a world run by electronics, kids are turning to the Internet to create their wish list.

There is even an app by Toys 'R' Us for parents to have their child's wish list. 

The Daily Mail reports the online wish list help pinpoint what a child really wants. Now through the wish list kids can let their parents know the exact details of a specified item. It's supposed to help save time for parents by not having to return to the store for any returns. 

One online registry available for kids and their parents is thechristmasregistry.com


The site allows children to create a login and the parents act as Santa. Children can write Santa a wish list but also write him notes. The parents can write back as Santa. 

Not only that, parents can set the the naughty or nice meter of their child. The child knows from Santa if they're being good or not. 

Daily Mail reports, according to Today.com, some parents are for the move saying it helps to eliminate having duplicate gifts. Others aren't so keen as one parent sees the registry as excessive.